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Volunteer as a Playgroup Facilitator!

As a Playgroup Facilitator, you play a crucial role in fostering connections within our community. This low-responsibility position involves helping participants connect, sending friendly reminders the day before playgroup, and assessing attendance numbers. Your support ensures a warm and inclusive environment, making it easy for parents and children to form lasting bonds. Join us in creating positive experiences and building a supportive community with minimal time commitment.

Attend Playgroups

Actively participate in your chosen playgroup sessions, leading by example in fostering a warm and inclusive environment. Your presence helps create a comfortable space for parents and children to connect. Introduce new members, encourage conversations, and be attentive to the needs of participants.


Check Weather and Communicate

Stay vigilant about weather conditions leading up to scheduled playgroups.

Communicate any changes or cancellations promptly through the group chat to keep everyone informed.


Stay Connected to Group Chat

Regularly engage in the group chat, encouraging open communication among members.

Provide friendly reminders about upcoming playgroups and answer any questions or concerns.


Snap & Share: Occasional Photo Delights

Capture candid moments and occasional photos that highlight the fun and learning within the group. Armed with your smartphone, you'll document your shared experiences and post them to the group chat, creating a visual story that strengthens our sense of community.


Safety Reporting

Act as a point of contact for reporting any inappropriate or concerning activity during playgroups, in chatrooms, or on forums.

Promptly address and report such incidents to ensure the safety and well-being of all community members.


Event Management: Streamlining One-Off Attendee Engagement

Efficiently handle any one-off attendees by keeping them updated with relevant information by posting in the event page.

Join us as a facilitator! 

Interested in facilitating playgroups? Click the link and complete the form, specifying your available days. Thanks for contributing to our community's success!

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