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Supporting Moms in Houston: Welcome to our community, where we've created a special place for moms right here in Houston. We started because we saw a need for better support and friendships among moms in this big city. Houston lacked a central spot for moms to connect and get the support they deserve. Other programs struggled to bring moms together regularly.

Inspired by successful programs in other countries, we've designed our own approach. We offer forums, friendly chat groups, and organized playdates, all within a supportive space where shared experiences thrive. We know that motherhood is a journey best shared.

As we grow, our goal is clear: to provide a welcoming community, including a dedicated mother support group. We want every mom in Houston to have access to this network, a place where she can find friendship, support, and shared joy. Join us on this journey, as we expand and make sure every mother in Houston has a place where she feels connected and understood. Together, let's build a strong community that uplifts and supports each other through the beautiful journey of motherhood.

Friends Having Breakfast

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together”

Vincent van Gogh

Join Us as a Facilitator: Your Support Makes a Difference!

Volunteers wanted! Lead our playgroups with minimal commitment and make a big impact. Help create a welcoming space for parents and children to connect. Your time, no matter how little, can contribute to building a supportive community. Join us!

Meditation Class
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