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Houston Playgroups & Mothers Support Groups

Join our unique volunteer-run community playgroups and mothers support group in Houston—a one-stop-shop for making mom friends. With forums, intimate chat groups, and organized playgroups, we provide a distinctive and supportive space for shared experiences and connections. 

What is Houston Playgroups?

We organize playgroups across Houston, creating a welcoming space for moms to connect. Through our chat groups and forums, we provide a platform to facilitate meaningful conversations and friendships. Our goal is to become a part of your routine, offering support and opportunities to make lasting mom friends. Join us for a fulfilling experience that goes beyond just playdates!

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What We Offer

Connect. Share. Learn. Grow.

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Organized Weekly Playgroups around Houston

Join our Houston Playgroups for parents, expecting parents, and feel free to come without your kids. Our organized groups for ages 0-5 provide a space for kids to play and socialize while parents connect, share experiences, and learn together. We look forward to welcoming you to our supportive community

Stay Connected: A Dedicated Chat Room for Our Playgroups

Join our playgroups, each with its dedicated chatroom! Connect with other parents you've met in the group or have private conversations. Enhance your playgroup experience by fostering connections and sharing experiences in a supportive online environment.

Our Mothers Forum & Blog

Our playgroup's members forum cultivates a sense of community, encouraging our members to share experiences and extend support. Meanwhile, our blog documents activities, provides updates, and offers educational content, enhancing the overall support experience within our playgroup.


Join the community.

Limited Spaces Available

Join our vibrant community today, where online and in-person interactions converge to help you build new friendships and lasting connections. Discover a welcoming space where shared experiences create meaningful bonds—start your journey with us now!

Join Us as a Facilitator: Your Support Makes a Difference!

Volunteers wanted! Lead our playgroups with minimal commitment and make a big impact. Help create a welcoming space for parents and children to connect. Your time, no matter how little, can contribute to building a supportive community. Join us!

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